Den Oever

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Den Oever

In the head of North Holland right against the Afsluitdijk you will find the village of Den Oever. The fishing village is best known for 'its' shrimp fishing. Den Oever is located on the former island of Wieringen.

A visit to Wieringen.

That's how you say it when you go to a (former) island.
Not as well known as Marken or Urk but definitely worth a visit.

You are a guest on the former island of Wieringen.
If you have the opportunity to go on the island and enjoy our landscape and the Wadden Sea, you will be surprised by the unique beauty of ewes. Wieringen with a very long history where the evidence is still there for the taking.

The boulders, the boulder clay ridges and the beautiful open arches.
The Robbenoordbos is within easy reach and there are several walking and cycling routes on Wieringen.

A visit to one of our museums or medieval churches is a highlight.

And there are plenty of good restaurants where fresh fish is standard on the menu.

Because of the many activities on Wieringen, a visit is more than worth it, all year round.
In the SWRW booking office at the port, you can get information as well as book a boat trip on the Wadden Sea.

The Water Recreation Wieringen Foundation guarantees an excellent tourist product, in which all aspects of the cozy Wieringen can be found.

You will experience that Wieringen is very nice to stay and that there is much more to see in the rest of the Kop van Noord-Holland.